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The architect


André Luque ( @andreluquearquitectura ) is a renowned architect from São Paulo and understands each work as an intervention experience in space , where architectural relationships with people and surroundings are of utmost importance. Therefore, we seek to study and extract from the place the best it has to offer: a view of the sea, a breeze or the shade of a coconut tree. This project is, therefore, beyond architectural and constructive limits, opening up to art and design .




The proposal of landscaper Rudy Brumatti ( @hortojardimdepraia ) was to create a cozy garden and allied to art .

Villa Kandui Maraú has relaxed landscaping, prone to pruning and symmetries, composed of several vegetative species predominant of Brazilian and local native forest, of tropical style, full of foliage that bring movement, colors and textures.

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